Rizq’s Nationwide Campaign Helps Those Affected by the Coronavirus Pandemic

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In response to the devastating impact of the Coronavirus pandemic, Rizq, a social organisation set up by LUMS alumni, Huzaifa Ahmed, Musa Aamir and Qasim Javaid, has initiated a national movement called Ehsas Karo. Through this movement, Rizq aims to mobilise resources from individuals, corporates, companies, philanthropists and foundations to fulfil the hunger needs of those most affected by this crisis. For Phase 1 of the campaign, the organisation is targeting to support 10,000 affected families by providing them monthly food supplies.

Rizq’s mission since its inception has been to feed families who are food-insecure, which means families who do not know where their next meal will come from. The organisation has distributed 4 million meals till date. In the current climate, where the country is facing a nationwide lockdown, Rizq and its teams are focusing on vulnerable communities around the country such as families who don’t have daily wages to depend on anymore.

Once the organisation receives donations, teams on the ground collect and analyse data to compile a list of deserving families. Funds are then used to procure food items such as pulses, rice, sugar, oil, dates, tea and flour from pre-determined utility stores. Rizq’s distribution partners then either transport these goods to deserving NGOs or directly to the families in need. In order to get food to people who cannot leave their homes due to the current crisis, Rizq has partnered with delivery platforms like Cheetay, EatMubarik and Daraz and have successfully executed a trial run where Cheetay distributed 50 rations from their food banks in one day.

To keep their teams and the individuals they are helping safe, Rizq follows internationally enforced guidelines and protocols on how to support others during a pandemic without spreading the infection and advise every volunteer group helping people on-ground to familiarise themselves with these protocols as well.

Emphasising the need for compassion in these dire times, Musa Aamir, Rizq’s co-founder, shares Ehsas Karo’s manifesto with us, which states, “In times where COVID-19 is a global threat, people are left without daily wages and are the most vulnerable to the virus, we must look inside ourselves and find compassion to save them or risk seeing a Pakistan none of us is safe in.”

You can support Rizq in its campaign by either donating money or food products, or volunteering your time. To join Rizq in its mission, you can reach out to them through their helpline 0311 1107 497, or contact them through their Facebook and Instagram page. For more information you can visit their website here.

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