BSc Accounting and Finance 2015

I don’t hail from a rich and extravagant background. I belong to a village near the city of Mardan, KPK where the only school was a government school, which was a plain ground with a tree in the center.

Early on in my life, I never would have thought that I would come as far as I have today. I remember thinking about joining the army because I knew my parents wouldn’t be able to afford my studies. That is when I heard about the LUMS National Outreach Programme (NOP) and realized that this would be my best chance at getting the educational experience I felt I wanted to gain.

Today, whatever I am, I owe it to LUMS. The NOP reached out to me, provided me with a chance to be at LUMS, and to realize my potential, which, undoubtedly, changed my life.

The LUMS NOP is definitely a blessing for students like me. Students who do not have the financial resources to afford their education at LUMS can get a 100 percent scholarship from LUMS. They will also get a stipend for every semester. Besides NOP, LUMS also provides financial aid. Students can get any and all financial support from LUMS depending upon the assessment of their financial situation. Therefore, I believe that lack of financial resources can never be a barrier for a student if he wants to study at LUMS.