Faculty & Senior Staff Support

Deanship of the SDSB

Endowing the deanship of SDSB is a powerful way to secure the quality of education and research at LUMS. With only four academic deanships in all of LUMS, a permanent named fund confers further honor on the holder that is recognized in higher education worldwide.

SDSB New Initiatives Professorship

SDSB’s future development and growth is directly dependent on its faculty, and especially on the addition of new faculty members, to build and strengthen specific areas of management expertise at the School. Endowing a New Initiatives Professorship enables SDSB to recruit a leading scholar into its academic community by adding an incremental faculty position.

SDSB Professorship

One of the strengths of the SDSB is the quality of its faculty; they are renowned academicians, practitioners, as well as thought-leaders in their fields. Awarded to an existing faculty member, an endowed professorship enables the School to maintain the stature and excellence of its faculty.

Visiting SDSB Faculty

SDSB invites outstanding faculty members from other institutions to campus, and this exchange produces new dialogue, collaborative work, and fresh insight into current issues in management education. Endowed gifts to support these positions allow SDSB to recruit exceptional thought leaders and fund their full participation in the School’s activities.

SDSB Faculty Support & Research Fund

SDSB faculty are renowned scholars, practitioners, and thought leaders in management education. The influence of their research is felt in the classroom, at LUMS, and beyond. Endowed gifts to the SDSB Faculty Support and Research Fund are critical to ensuring that SDSB continues to be a vital contributor in all fields of management research.

Financial Aid

SDSB Teaching Assistantship

As teaching assistants at SDSB, students benefit tremendously from the opportunity to work alongside faculty members, supporting research projects, and by developing public presentation skills. Endowed gifts provide a permanent source of support for graduate teaching assistantships, securing valuable experiences for these outstanding students.

SDSB Loan Forgiveness Fund

The SDSB Loan Forgiveness Program is the first of its kind among business schools. It provides support to qualified recent graduates who wish to pursue careers in the public or nonprofit sectors. Endowed gifts to the Loan Forgiveness Program ensure the continuation and future growth of SDSB initiative.


SDSB Career Development Programme Fund

The SDSB is committed to providing students with the guidance and tools to meet their professional aspirations, including help with initiating and maintaining relationships with industry-leading organizations. Building bridges between students and employers, the office works to enhance students’ job search skills and to provide interesting forums for prospective employers and students to interact. Endowed gifts to fund career development programs help to underwrite the costs of ongoing and new professional initiatives.

SDSB Curriculum Development Fund

Endowed gifts underwrite the demonstrated ongoing need for new teaching and learning materials, new coursework development, as well as global experiential opportunities for students.


SDSB Dean's Priorities Fund

The SDSB Dean’s Priorities Fund provides the School with the financial flexibility to develop innovative programming and strategic initiatives, as well as to proactively respond to emerging needs of students and the SDSB community. Gifts to endow the Dean’s Priorities Fund enable the Dean to direct funds to where the School needs them most, including curriculum development, scholarships and loan forgiveness, and operational needs.

SDSB Student Travel/Conference Fund

The SDSB provides students with stipends to help offset expenses associated with study/professional development trips and conferences. Endowed gifts designated to the SOM Travel/Conference Fund allow students to network, explore research possibilities, and to broaden their understanding of a range of topics relevant to the management profession.

Annual Giving

SDSB Alumni Fund

The unrestricted support received through the SDSB Alumni Fund provides flexibility, and the immediate availability of funds, critical to funding strategic new initiatives and ongoing programs such as curriculum development, faculty research, scholarships and financial aid, the Loan Forgiveness Program, as well as balancing the School’s budget.


SDSB Preservation Fund

A gift to Preservation Fund will create a permanent fund to maintain and improve the SDSB’s buildings and grounds.

SDSB Auditoriums Naming Opportunity

Leave your legacy behind by naming an Auditorium after yourself or a loved one.

SDSB Discussion Rooms Naming Opportunity

Leave your legacy behind by naming a Discussion Room after yourself or a loved one.

SDSB Classrooms Naming Opportunity

Leave your legacy behind by naming a Classroom after yourself or a loved one.

Rausing Executive Development Center (REDC)

REDC - Executive Certificate in Agribusiness Management (ECAM) Fund

This one-year modular executive certificate progamme is designed to provide participants with leading-edge managerial know-how and skills considered essential to operate successfully in a highstake agribusiness environment where opportunities are expanding rapidly with growing population. By contributing to this Fund, the programme fee can be subsidized and offered to public sector as well.

REDC - Management Development Programme Fund

The Management Development Programme is a flagship education programme developed for functional manager, business unit heads and other professionals who are planning successful career transitions from functional levels to general management levels. By contributing to this Fund, the programme fee can be subsidized and scholarships can be awarded.

REDC Facilities Upgradation Fund

A gift to the Facilities Upgradation Fund will create a permanent fund to maintain and improve the SDSB’s equipment and rooms.


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