There are many reasons to support LUMS. The alumni, friends and corporates who give to LUMS every year, do so in many different ways, and each donor has a different story about how they came to support LUMS. But while each story is different, our donors have chosen to make a real difference by supporting one of the best universities in the region.

Why do alumni and friends support LUMS?

Gifts to the university provide crucial support for students, programmes and faculty research. Donors make charitable gifts for many reasons. You might decide to give:

  • To support a student, professor, programme or a school
  • To remember someone you love or respect by naming a scholarship, an endowment, an auditorium and even a building after him/her
  • To maintain an interest or affinity in a particular programme you want to see grow and succeed
  • To show your gratitude for your LUMS experience
  • To demonstrate your support for higher education in LUMS
  • To challenge others to give
  • To be recognised and join your peers in giving

At LUMS, we believe there are many compelling reasons for each of our alumni and friends to give. When you decide to give, you will have many opportunities to make a difference.

Where will your gift go?

There are various giving options available at LUMS. You may route your gift towards sponsoring a deserving student of any of the LUMS schools, fund a research project or target your gift towards the development of infrastructure. The objective of the gift is defined solely by the donor. One may also give an unrestricted gift for the University to use for its greatest need.

How will we recognise your gift?

We are proud of our supporters and have established certain modes of communication to thank our donors. We show our appreciation by inviting donors to various university events, mention in university publications and naming opportunities, which are subject to the donation amount.

How can you make a gift?

You can get in touch with the LUMS Fundraising Office where the Fundraising Officer will guide you regarding giving options and priorities available. If required, a financial model for a specific group will also be provided by the RDO to help work out the payment schedule. As far as making the contribution is concerned, there are four different ways available:

  1. Online donation: Donate Online via Visa / MasterCard. Visit the LUMS website at and select the ‘Pay Online’ link and follow the steps
  2. Mail to LUMS a crossed cheque / bank draft made in favor of ‘Lahore University of Management Sciences’ and send to the LUMS Fundraising Office
  3. Direct transfer to the LUMS US$ account
  4. US residents can send a cheque to Friends of LUMS-USA

What is a planned gift?

A planned gift can be in the form of an endowment that can be made after a company, donor or any other name specified by the donor. Endowment is a one time investment where LUMS would use the profit earned on the principle donation for the purpose specified by the donor. In other words, it is a life time gift.

How we provide support in case of working and operational aspects of endowments to be collected over a period of time?

Once the endowment is made, it is invested (with the consent of the donor) to generate better profits. The amount is then further used to meet the university needs. It could be directed towards a scholarship, infrastructure or various other university initiatives. Donors are regularly updated regarding endowments.

How much of my gift really goes where I want it to go?

All the gifts made are sent directly to the desired area of consideration. In order to ensure transparency, the LUMS Fundraising Office shares periodical fund utilisation reports with the donor. For instance, if the donor is sponsoring a student, the department shares the progress of the beneficiary with the donor biannually. Furthermore the department also facilitates donors in tracing transactions (if required).

How can I make an online donation via VISA / Master Card payment to LUMS?

(Preferred option)

Please follow the steps given below:

  1. Visit the LUMS web-site:
  2. Select the 'Pay Online' link:
  3. On step 1/4, choose 'Donors (NOP Donations, NOP Zakat Fund, Donations for Scholarship Fund, Other Donations)'
  4. On step 2a/4, make the relevant choice for you ('LUMS Graduates' or 'Other Generous Donors')
  5. On the next step 2b/4, fill out all mandatory fields (Name, Organisation, etc.) and the amount for your contribution (in Pak Rupees)
  6. On step 3/4, confirm your details
  7. On step 4/4, please enter your credit card details
  8. Once this is done you shall receive a system generated email giving you details of your transaction

Can I give to LUMS by bank wire transfer?

Yes. Please find below instructions for wire transfer:

Direct transfer can be made to the LUMS US$ account:

Corresponding Bank:
Pay to: Standard Chartered Bank, New York, USA
Account number: 3582-059673-001
Swift Code: SCBLUS33

Beneficiary Bank:
Faysal Bank Limited, Karachi, Pakistan
Swift Code: FAYSPKKA

Final Beneficiary:
Account Number: 520216-415
Account Title: Lahore University of Management Sciences
Address: 4/5, Cavalry Ground Branch, Lahore Cantt., Lahore, Pakistan
Branch Code: 334
Bank Telephone Number: +92-42-3665 5590
Bank Fax Number: +92-42-3665 5591

How can I make a payment through cheque?

Write the cheque for "Lahore University of Management Sciences" and send it to the address given below:

LUMS Fundraising Office
Lahore University of Management Sciences
Opposite Sector U, Phase 2, DHA, Lahore Cantt., Lahore, Pakistan
Tel #: 92-42-35608000
Ext #: 8236 4214. 4212. 8181
Fax #: 92-42-3572 5048

How can a US resident make a donation to LUMS?

For US residents

Information pertaining to Friends of LUMS-USA is given below, which can be used to transfer the funds by the interested donors while availing tax benefit. "Friends of LUMS - USA Association", is a tax-exempt entity registered in the United States under Section 501(c)(3) of the IRS Code, where donations can be deposited on behalf of LUMS.

Bank details are as under

Title of Account: Friends of LUMS – USA Association
A/C #: 029-994319
Routing #: 121100782
Bank Name & Address: Bank of the West, Sunnyvale Office, 380 S Mathilda Ave, Sunnyvale, CA 94086-4286 800-448-2265

Details pertaining to IRS Exemption of "Friends of LUMS – USA Association" are given below

Employer Identification #: 03-0412310
DLN: 17053106023012
Foundation Status: Classification 509 (a) (1)
ID #: 31435

Details of Contact person of Association are as follows

Contact Person: Nighat Lotia
Address: Friends of LUMS-USA Association Vertical Systems, Inc 1392 N. Borregas Ave., Sunnyvale, CA 94089

How can I make a gift in memory of someone?

A gift can be made in the name of the person to whom you want to make a dedication. This can be a scholarship (which will lapse after a specific period), naming an auditorium after someone's name or setting up an endowment fund (both life time gifts). The gift will be publicised (in LUMS publications, website and donors' wall) by the name specified by the donor.

I would like to give LUMS a piece of lab equipment, a painting, books etc. How do I go about it?

It depends on the donor, how and where he/she wants to invest the gifted amount. The donor will get in touch with the LUMS Fundraising Office and the Office will further connect the donor with the representatives of the relevant school/department. The equipment donated by the donor will bear the donor's name. LUMS usually has a small ceremony to formally acknowledge such gifts.

What are the tax advantages of making a gift to LUMS?

For a donor, our receipt of donation will be proof in claiming any tax benefits that the authorities offer. LUMS is exempted from income tax under Section 159 of the Income Tax Ordinance 2001 so commercial payments are convenient.