LUMS was established with a vision to create managers for tomorrow. Today LUMS has blossomed into a university, giving challenges to young minds to find solutions in the field of humanities, sciences, law and business. The institution depends on the students, faculty, alumni and friends for continued sustenance, nurturing, and support to carry on its academic activities and produce graduates who not only excel in their respective fields but are also eager to contribute to their community, society and country.

We have always strived to look to the future, aim high and work to get the best results, for which we need your support. I truly hope that you will keep the spirit alive and continue extending your assistance through the LUMS Scholarship Fund.

Syed Babar Ali

What is the LUMS Scholarship Fund?

The LUMS Scholarship Fund is an appeal to our alumni, parents, faculty and staff, and friends to help support the university’s most pressing needs and promising opportunities. Giving to LUMS has an immediate and meaningful impact on students and enables the institution to provide unrivalled academic excellence, redefine the boundaries of education and move forward with confidence, motivation and the determination to achieve its goals.

Where are the gifts to the LUMS Scholarship Fund directed?

Gifts to the LUMS Scholarship Fund are immediately directed to the areas of the university that need urgent support.

These areas include:

  • Financial Aid for students
  • Scholarships ranging from 20-80%
  • National Outreach Programme (NOP)
  • University expenses on students

Ways to Give

Gifts and pledges to the LUMS Annual Fund may be made in the following ways:

  • Online
  • Mail
  • Direct Transfer

LUMS has always taken pride in the quality of its learning environment. With the addition of two new hostels, two new school buildings, and a purpose-built sports complex, we are coming closer to our vision of an integrated campus. Your donations to the LUMS Scholarship Fund will enable us to sustain our commitment for the future. Your donation will enable LUMS to significantly improve the quality of teaching and research by recruiting the best and the brightest faculty members and will also help to fund their research. This will ensure that LUMS faculty remains current on developments in their respective disciplines.

With your support, we will continue to provide financial aid and scholarships to deserving students. As our student body grows, your assistance will become even more essential.