What is a LUMS Class Fund?

A LUMS Class Fund is an appeal to our alumni to work with us to initiate and sustain their own funds to benefit current students at LUMS. Through this current use or endowment fund, classes who have graduated from LUMS can pool their gifts together and create an immediate and long lasting impact on students for years to come!

Types of Class Funds:

There are two major types of class funds:

  1. Current Use Class Funds – A minimum of 1 Million with no upper-limit.
  2. Endowment Class Funds

Where are the gifts to the LUMS Class Funds directed?

Gifts to the LUMS Class Funds are immediately directed to the areas of the university that need urgent support, with financial assistance of students being top priority.

These areas include:

  • Financial Aid for students
  • University infrastructure development
  • Special university initiatives (research, relief efforts for community etc)
  • National Outreach Programme
  • University expenses


Currently Established Class Funds

B.Sc. 2000-1 Scholarship Fund
B.Sc. 2002 Scholarship Fund
B.Sc. 2004 Scholarship Fund
B.Sc. 2006 Scholarship Fund
Rumman Scholarship Fund
MBA 1997 Loan Fund
MBA 2006 Scholarship Fund
Zeeshan Shaukat Sch. Fund
B.Sc. 1999 Scholarship Fund
B.Sc. 2003 Scholarship Fund
Salman and Hashir Scholarship
MBA 1996 Endowment Fund
B.Sc. 2008 Scholarship Fund
EMBA 2014 Scholarship Fund
Waheeb & Rafia B.Sc. Class of 2010 Endowment Fund
Mussadiq Javed MBA 2005 Loan fund
MBA 1991 Scholarship Fund
MBA 2002 Scholarship Fund
Karachi Alumni Sch. Fund
MBA 1989 Endowment Fund
MBA 1989 Endowment Fund
MBA 1990 Endowment Fund
MBA 1994 Scholarship Fund
MBA 1997 Scholarship Fund
MBA 1999 Scholarship Fund
MBA 2000 Scholarship Fund
B.Sc. 1998 Scholarship Fund
B.Sc. 2005 Scholarship Fund
B.Sc. 2009 Scholarship Fund
MBA 1991 Endowment Fund
MBA 1992 Scholarship Fund
MBA 1994 Infrastructure Fund
MBA 1998 Scholarship Fund
MBA 2001 Scholarship Fund
MBA 2007 Scholarship Fund
MS 2005 Scholarship Fund
MS 2010 scholarship Fund

Ways to Give

The Class Fund promotes the opportunity to leave your mark on LUMS by making a gift to the university. The fund brings the alumnus together as a class, allowing them to give back through fundraising and class-focused events to a place that has given them so much over the years.

For more information on how to create, manage and sustain class funds, please contact LUMS Development Team at giving@lums.edu.pk